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Wealth maintaining superb craftsmanship

I have just watched  the most beautiful short film on creating jewellery I have ever seen. Although an English translation would be nice,  the camera work and lighting are so … Continue reading

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Jewellery repair phobia

I am hearing from a lot of people who are afraid of getting their diamond jewellery repaired for fear of having the diamonds switched to a lower quality. I can … Continue reading

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A Jewellers Blog…New From Old.

These days are great for companies buying your old jewellery. They are making a lot of money from people. Everyone is being bombarded with advertising urging  you to sell the  … Continue reading

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A Sailors Jewellery Blog

My sailing days began when we lived in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood in the ’70s. We lived a block from the beach and I always felt a need of being off the beach … Continue reading

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A Jewellers Blog

One of the purposes of the precious metal blog is to advise people what to look for when buying jewellery, and avoiding mistakes that may lead to future costly repairs.

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