Silver, Wood, and Sail


Fancied up my Tilly hat for the 43rd annual Port Townsend wooden boat festival.

Silver, Wood, and Sail. The name I’ve given to the business that is bringing me back to my jewellers bench. After a ten year change of profession, working for a local architectural lighting manufacturer and retiring three years ago, I felt a strong urge to get back to doing what I enjoy, and what I have spent over four decades learning and practising.

I wish to create totally unique sculptures and wearable art that reflect what I love, the ocean, and what sails us across it.

I am excited to revisit pieces that have sat in drawers for many years, while I had to make a steady income for my wife and I. Now, with retirement, and pensions helping with our living expenses, I’m free to turn my ideas into reality.

Sterling Silver/Cocobolo Ketch on Silver seascape & Maple base

The project above is once again on hold while I concentrate on new designs. I am starting a new series of wearable mini yachts in Sterling Silver. I am trying to get several pieces ready to deliver by Christmas 2019. Please follow for updates.

Sterling Silver Christmas tree ornaments 2019
Rings and scrap sterling silver melted and rolled into sheet, half round, and triangle wire.
Forged circles will become frames for yacht miniatures, to be worn or perhaps hung from a Christmas tree 🎄
Starting new model, cutter rigged sloop.

Christmas ornament projects from last month.⬇️⬇️⬇️

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