Wealth maintaining superb craftsmanship

I have just watched  the most beautiful short film on creating jewellery I have ever seen. Although an English translation would be nice,  the camera work and lighting are so beautifully done, it doesn’t really need any dialog.

Here is the Video. I received the link from http://twitter.com/Luxuo …….. 

The pieces created in this video are nothing short of amazing. It is truly inspiring  that there are people in the world willing to spend the  money to have these couture jewellery objects crafted. In this case it is the luxury design house Louis Vuitton, with enough capitol behind them to let their designers and jewellers create an extravagant  fashion piece  to show that they have some of the greatest craftsmen in the world behind their Logo.

I have spent countless hours over the last three decades setting diamonds, using much the same techniques and hand tools that are used in the video, but could never imagine  getting a commission for a piece of that size and complexity. 

Wealthy clients with a passion for good design and the finest quality are one of the reasons beautiful things get built. They are the ones employing the greatest craftsmen on the planet. The finest cabinet makers and furniture makers for the mega yachts and mansions. Without them, the really incredible displays of craftsmanship might not be here. Even though we may never get to see the results, except, perhaps from photos  in Architectural Digest or Yacht Design magazines, at least the skills of these craftsmen & women are utilized and old world crafts are not lost.

Another fine example of wealth being put to good use is a yacht restoration made possible by Dennis Conner, the famous yachtsman and Americas Cup winner. The project is described in a website  compilation by Douglas Cole,  who skippered and owned the yacht during the 1970s.

Here are a few photos from the website, the outcome is breathtaking if you are a lover of wooden boats.


Cotton Blossom IIcb79 cropped copy

Bronze Knees

To me, what Dennis Conner did with this project was an important preservation of a well deserving old gal. He has given new life to a beautiful work of art, and employed the genius of incredibly talented craftsmen. Once again, a tremendous amount of money well spent.

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